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These two academics have formed a ripe friendship based on their love of beer and proneness to general shenanigans. As two peas of the same organic pea plant, they complement each other’s - some might say overly boisterous - personalities. Together they have co-written papers - both research and opinion, shared awards, and have received multiple grants for their joint research ventures. Their proximity to each other’s offices - 30 steps - has further helped nurture their partnership.

Their naturally honed banter heightens their ability to connect, address and engage with their audiences. Their organic commentary and raw observations reflect the duo’s savvy nature and quirky mindset, showcasing their eagerness to produce nourishing and wholesome content.

You can access an unprovoked selection of their humanitarian ravings via raw podcast and pubshow escapades that were conceived using SCOMbomb, gestated during KindaThinky, and birthed through The Wholesome Show.

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Dr will Grant

Dr Will Grant, hailing from far Northern Queensland, came into this world as a caulbearer, destined to become significant. Somewhat clean-cut and cultivated, he is slowly maturing to his full potential.

If you talk to Dr Grant, he will no doubt offer you nutritious chunks of insight into his chosen field of academia; Science Communications, as well as easily digestible snipets of his own avocations (think Star Wars, craft beer and cycling). In his short(ish) lifespan, he has nurtured a wide array of audiences through his wholesome approach to both his own research and to his creative ingenuity of public communication.

Currently residing in the green pastures of Canberra, he has put down roots at the Center of Public Awareness of Science (CPAS), ANU. This has allowed him to craft and curate his own batch of student prodigies that he tends to carefully, supervising them through their various projects, from PhD students to undergrad interns.

He is not stingy with the nutrition he provides others. Having crafted research papers and popular writing, his words invigorate organic audiences that stem from such fields as The Sydney Morning Herald, The Brisbane Times, and the International Journal for Science Communication. Dr Grant is providing educational fodder to current and future generations - encouraging them to creatively question how the world is growing around them. His success is such that he has been awarded The Vice Chancellor’s Award for Public Policy and Outreach (2015).

As an individual of substance, Dr Grant has been asked to sow his naturally refined and organically grown ideas in a variety of different ways. Due to his collaboration, organiations such as the CSIRO, the Office of the Chief Scientist and UNESCO are more cultivated and prosperous. In addition his talks at multiple embassies, TEDx, and his rawer pubshows, podcasts and radio segments demonstrate his expertise in the science communication sector - especially in regard to his research interests of the intersection of science and political policy.

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Dr Rod Lamberts

Over the last 200 years* or so, Dr Rod Lamberts has bloomed into an expert Science Communicator and shenanigist. With a beer in hand, Rod enjoys spreading idea seeds into the wider community as often as he can, a mission dangerously enabled by his day job as Deputy Director of the Centre for Public Awareness of Science at The Australian National University. In this grown-up role, he has helped cultivate the minds and research projects of nearly 4 million* intellectual saplings, helping them blossom into the soaring intellectual oaks they have now become.

Having presented at billions* of learned gatherings across most of the known universe*, Dr Lamberts is now a prized specimen in the Science Communication field literally everywhere. Meandering around topics like risk, ethics, public policy and public intellectualism, his outpourings have a fertilizer-like quality that help audiences thrive - audiences that range from Pacific Island communities, ABC Radio listeners and readers of national publications like The Sydney Morning Herald and The Conversation, to the many lost souls who wander into in his classroom.

He is also the lucky recipient of 4 knee surgeries (so far), which are of course entirely unrelated to his passion for all things snowboarding, and most things Japanese (especially their snow). Also also, Rod is a Scorpio (with Sagittarius rising) and thinks dogs are the only creature other than humans that deserve immortality. Though he’s not 100% sure about humans.


...and Behind The Scenes 

Ella Barnett 

Behind the scenes is the recently graduated Ella Barnett; a fresh-faced sapling who is - at least for now - optimistic about the working sector. Previously the intern, she has since climbed her way up the ladder to start blossoming as the Communications Manager for the show. Flourishing on cider instead of beer, and only having the academic bragging rights of holding two bachelors degrees (Arts and Science) - she is a slightly different specimen to the rest of the team.

Having been nourished by the ANU she looks forward to being uprooted and planted in the real world. Only slightly stunted from Netflix binging and coffee, she brings with her a wholesome interest in social sciences and marketing.