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The Magical (Scientific) World of Ants!

Temnothorax albipennis - or rock ant - has a unique ability in the tiny animal world: to act like a SUPERORGANISM!

Here's a description from our friends O'shea-Wheller, Sendova-Franks and Franks:

"...removing [Temnothorax albipennis] individuals from directly within the nest causes an evacuation response, while removing ants at the periphery of scouting activity causes the colony to withdraw back into the nest. This suggests that colonies react differentially, but in a coordinated fashion, to these differing types of predation. Our findings lend support to the SUPERORGANISM concept, as the whole society reacts much like a single organism would in response to attacks on different parts of its body." (Emphasis added to cool word).

This episode we explore the magical (scientific) world of ants!

***Please note we made no jokes about the name of the Temnothorax albipennis, we apologise for this astonishing lapse in judgement.