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Do Emergency Room Doctors Every Get Tips? A Beer With Dr Mike Hall

Do emergency room doctors ever get tips?

Look not really, though sometimes people might leave them a half bag of chips. Sweet.

OK maybe that doesn't make you want to be an emergency room doctor. But what if we told you that it's actually fun, that you don't really have to do 100 hour days and 15 day weeks, and that it's perfect for smart people with short attention spans?

Getting curious now, eh?

In this episode, we chewed the fat with real life emergency department doctor Mike Hall, who let us us peel back the emergency department veil and find out a bit about what it's really like.

He told us many things:

- resuscitation rarely works like it does on TV (we were outraged)
ER doctors get interrupted 40-80 times an hour (and you thought toddlers were demanding)
- there isn't really a secret doctor's handshake to get you seen faster at the hospital than anyone else (yeah, like he'd tell us if there was...)
- It's possible we also discussed whether Mike only became a doctor cos he was too drunk to get into law.

Wanna know if that's true? Just aim your stethoscope here and find out!