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Don't Spill Beer on The Supercomputer! Dr Leaf Lin, Supercomputer Wrangler!

They said it couldn't be done.
They said it shouldn't be done! 
But guess what listener - we did it!

That's right, your intrepid team at The Wholesome Show went and recorded a podcast inside the thrumming chamber of Australia's biggest supercomputer. And we didn't spill any beer on it!

This week we chat with Dr Leaf Lin, Senior High Performance Computer Systems Specialist at Australia's National Computational Infrastructure. We learn about cassette tapes making a comeback, being able to hear the different sounds of a supercomputer, and why they don't just use the computer to mine bitcoin!

(Also ummm yes, there is an awful lot of *sound* in this episode. Like when your computer calculating something really tough, but (literally) times a million. But it's working hard to save lives so let's give the noisey computer a break).