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Live Show: Can You Handle The Truth?

You’ve probably already worked out that we at Team Wholesome have a lot of time to wonder about things. As independently mega-wealthy gentlefolk-of-learning, we often spend weeks lying around the Wholesome Luxury Resort and Day Spa® just wondering.

But what do we wonder about?

Well recently we’ve been wondering if there was any knowledge that humanity doesn't need. Or shouldn't have. Or does need but is too risky to find out about. Or that some people should have but others shouldn’t. And also, we mused, if there should be any restrictions on research and knowledge, just how the hell should we decide who does what and who gets to know about it?

It all started when we talked with a medical doctor who thinks prohibiting recreational drugs is a bad idea, and actively researches and lobbies for different approaches. Turns out some people are not at all happy about that. At all.

So we wondered further…

If he’s right, what else that people currently consider to be evil, bad and wrong might need a re-think? Should we actually be looking for the best and most wonderful recreational drugs we can imagine? Do we need to focus less on nice, safe things like kittens and cakes, and more on ‘nasty’ things, like how a psychopath’s mind works, or why ear wax tastes so bad?

Of course if we do the danger is that the facts we find about our world could be a wee bit confronting. They could suggest we should go in directions we really don't like.

Could all get a bit awkward, eh? That’s why in this episode we’re going to see if we actually can handle the truth.

GUEST STARRING: Belinda Dopita, Dr David Caldicott, Assoc Prof Simone Dennis, Prof John Wanna