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Magnificent Mundane Governance! Steve Woolgar, Simone Dennis, Kate Henne!

Mundane governance doesn't sound too interesting, huh?

But it's actually crazy fascinating!

In this week's episode we crashed this Mundane Governance Conference and had not one, but three beers with three interesting people.

And look, we admit it we laughed a little at the the conference tite at first, but then we found it was chock full of intriguing people and ideas. Seriously, check this out:

First we yacked with Professor Simone Dennis about 'governance of the tongue', how there are rules about how we taste stuff, and how anthropologists are concerned with 'pre-swallowing'...

Next, we mused about how your Fitbit might be conspiring with big business to take over your brain and life and Netflix favourites list (or something like that...)with Dr Kate Henne.

Finally, we dove into the big issues with Professor Steve Woolgar and heard about recycle bin rage (seriously), and how 101 mls of liquid on a plane is super-dangerous, but 10 litres of that same liquid in a bin at the airport is just hunky-dory.

Honestly, we could have kept talking with any of these guest for hours (but don't worry, we didn't) - listen in here and have your view of the mundane changed forever!