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Life In A Herd Part 1 - Introduction!

Three doctors sat down for a picnic by a river. An emergency physician, an intensive care specialist, and an epidemiologist. Suddenly they notice a body in the water!

They rush into the current to pull the man ashore, clear his airways and start giving CPR.

But then they see another person in the water, face down. They rush out, and drag her in. They clear her airways and do CPR.

But then a third body comes floating by! Suddenly the epidemiologist gets up and starts running. “Hey! Come back! Where are you going?” the others scream out to her. Looking over her shoulder she yell back: “I’m going upstream to see who’s throwing all these people in!”

Welcome to a series of episodes we're calling Life in a Herd!

In this series we're journeying with that epidemiologist upstream to find out who it is who's chucking the bodies of our modern world into the river. Over the next 7 episodes we'll talk to a range of key voices in the field of population health science, and reflect on what it all means.