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Hey America, what just happened?

  • Wig & Pen Llewellyn Hall, William Herbert Pl Canberra ACT 2601 Australia (map)

If you're reading this before November the 8th, then the entertainment mega-franchise that is the US election is still thundering towards climax. 

But by the time The Wholesome Show next hits the stage, we will know if we’re heading towards Trumpocalypse or Clintopia in 2017.

After the dust settles, we reckon all you sentient, thinking humans will appreciate a gentle*, hype-free**, and 100% Wholesome*** US election debrief. Cos whatever the result, there’s going to be a lot to talk about, so we’re going to talk about a lot of it. With experts. And fortifying ales.

In our last live show of the year, we’ll probe, summarise and rummage around in the wonder that was the US election. We’ll muse innerlektshully about how the world is going to look with Hillary Trump in charge. We’ll be asking clever and experienced people to tell us how Donald Clinton’s reign will affect out tiny island continent downunder.

We’ll probably have a wee chat about social values, fact-free politics and how anyone could possibly identify with that Hillnald Trumpton person. And by the end of the night, everything will make sense.

So why no pop along to the Wig & Pen fine ale emporium on Wednesday, November 16 and join us for a nice relaxing post-election autopsy. It’s gonna be yuge – BENGHAZI!

Nice warm hugs, Rod’n’Will

*with hints of mania

**Ok maybe some hype

*** if “100%” means “not at all”

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