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Is the rhythm gunna get ya?

  • Wig & Pen Llewellyn Hall, William Herbert Pl Canberra ACT 2601 Australia (map)

Good music is just the best, right? But bad music is simply evil, wrong and terrible.

If you’re feeling low, you just pop on a little Enya and suddenly the world’s a beautiful place. But if you accidently play that Justin Beiber song that someone else must have put on your phone, life gets weird and confusing and irritating.

But why?

What is this mystical power music has over us? How can a simple pattern of rhythmic sounds be so mind-blowingly potent?

Like what about earworms. You know how it is. One minute you’re driving along and pondering the solution to global poverty and then for no apparent reason BAM!, you’re whistling Shake it Off and wondering if your new sunglasses make you look fat. What happened to solving poverty? Can't remember now. But goddamn, doesn’t Tay-Tay make you feel simply fabulous about forgetting?

Music may be the closest thing to actual magic that we have. In fact, music appears to have a universally strong influence on all living things. For example, did you know scientists have discovered* that if you play Bob Marley to this one species of flatworm they become insatiable cannibals?

OK, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration… But still, it’s clear that tunes are important and influential to pretty much all of humanity and have been throughout recorded history. So in this episode, we’re having a bit of a look at music and the many we ways we play with it, and it plays with us.

Why not come along and see if the rhythm gets you, too? 

*no they haven’t. They really, really haven’t (ed.)

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