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Modular Mobile Multilevel Maggot Management - A beer with Goterra's Olympia Yarger

Listener, we'll let you in on a secret. Sometimes you record a podcast episode that's just chockablock with potential episode titles. For example, for this episode we could have gone with: - A Smell That's a Little Less Offensive - Crickets: Little Land Prawns - The Perfect Podcast Recording Temperature - Crickets Are Just Smaller Chicken - Maggot Lady to Maggot Maven. We decided to go with Modular Mobile Multilevel Maggot Management. Listen to find out why! Will n Rod!

The Curious Case of the Designer Vagina! A Beer With Dr Bethany Jones

What's the most awkward thing you can imagine two blokey idiots like Rod and Will discussing? Is it the emerging world of DESIGNER VAGINAS? Yes that's it, you got it right away! Rod and Will had a beer with Dr Bethany Jones, the research detective staring in The Curious Case of The Designer Vagina. Enjoy! The Wholesome Show is @rodl, @willozap and @ellageebee, brought to you by the amazing people at @ANU_CPAS.

The Great Juniper Shortage! A beer with The Canberra Distillery's Tim Reardon

If you want to go and set up your own hipster backyard gin distillery (and lord knows who doesn't) here's the two things you gotta think about:
- How to get your junipers
- Securing bottles for years to come
We had a beer with The Canberra Distillery's Tim Reardon to discuss the world of backyard (legal) alcohol sales! The Wholesome Show is alcohol sales! The Wholesome Show is @rodl and @willozap, Comms Manager @ellageebee!

The Stark Vacuum of Purpose - A beer with Rescope Project Director Anthony James

Ok we have to admit, we just had the most hippy conversation we've ever had, about live, love, laughter... and how we get our society to where we want it to be. We sat down and had a beer with @RescopeProject Director Anthony James as he heads off to the New Economy Network Conference. THERE WILL BE SO MANY HIPPIES THERE The Wholesome Show is @rodl, @willozap, comms manager @ellageebee.

Should compromise be our middle name? A beer with Professor Frank Jotzo

Frank Jotzo's a climate economist who's lived a decade of fights over carbon pricing, but... he's also a total optimist about solving climate change. The only problem is that to get there, economists have to grapple with (ugh) compromise and (double ugh ugh) politics. We had a beer with an academic economist people actually listen to. Enjoy! The Wholesome Show @rodl and @willozap, Comms Manager is @ellageebee.

Live Show - Scientists who bloody love their jobs!

It's a Live Show! We talk with scientists all the time, and we often hear how happy they are. Well we wanted to explore this in more detail, so we did a Live Show with four of the happiest scientists we could find - Dr Niru Mahendran, Professor Susan Scott, Dr Erin Walsh and Dr Brad Tucker. Enjoy!

Anti-love... enhancements? A beer with ethicist Dr Adam Henschke!

If we gave soldiers an anti-love pill, would that help them win the war? Would it be ethical? But would a love pill be more ethical, or less? We had a beer with Dr Adam Henschke, an applied ethicist from the National Security College at ANU to find out! The Wholesome Show is @rodl, @willozap, Ella Barnett (get a twitter handle Ella)*, brought to you by @ANU_CPAS

*Now @ellageebee 

Picking fights in Down Under - a beer with The Wall Street Journal's Mary Kissel!

What's a Fox News correspondent doing down under, talking to two lefty s***s like us? Well, as we all know, The Wholesome Show is Here For Society(TM), and we'll talk to everyone to make this world a better place. (Even you Cory). This episode brought to you by the extremely well dressed people at @TheIPA, @USAembassyinOZ, the Ben Franklin Club of Canberra, the Pentaverite and the Australian National Centre for the Public Awareness of Science. The Wholesome Show is @rodl and @willozap, Communications Manager and Puppy Wrangler Ella Barnett!

Do emergency room doctors ever get tips? A beer with Dr Mike Hall

Do emergency room doctors ever get tips? Look not really, though sometimes people might leave them a half bag of chips. Sweet. OK maybe that doesn't make you want to be an emergency room doctor. But what if we told you that it's actually fun, that you don't really have to do 100 hour days and 15 day weeks, and that it's perfect for smart people with short attention spans? Getting curious now, eh? In this episode, we chewed the fat with real life emergency department doctor Mike Hall, who let us us peel back the emergency department veil and find out a bit about what it's really like. He told us many things: - resuscitation rarely works like it does on TV (we were outraged) ER doctors get interrupted 40-80 times an hour (and you thought toddlers were demanding) - there isn't really a secret doctor's handshake to get you seen faster at the hospital than anyone else (yeah, like he'd tell us if there was...) - It's possible we also discussed whether Mike only became a doctor cos he was too drunk to get into law. Wanna know if that's true? Just aim your stethoscope here and find out! Freshly bandaged regards, Rod'n'Will PS - we've missed seeing your smiling faces IRL, so we're doing a live show in August. It's gonna be brill'!

The most pass-ag upper-middle class dinner party ever - with Thesis Whisperer Inger Mewburn

Academia... you don't often hear it described as like the most passive aggressive upper middle class dinner party ever, but it's pretty much true. We sat down for a beer with a fascinating thinker on the world of academia, Associate Professor Inger Mewburn - or as she's more widely known, The Thesis Whisperer! Enjoy! The Wholesome Show is @rodl and @willozap, proudly supported by @ANU_CPAS

Cyber criminal help desks - a beer with Fifth Domain's Matt Wilcox!

Ok so apparently cyber criminal outfits - those bad folk who put ransomware on your computer to steal your money - run businesses based on trust. In fact, they care so much about their trusted image they have help desks and customer service departments to facilitate you paying them the ransom. We had a beer with Fifth Domain's Matt Wilcox to find out more! The The Wholesome Show is @rodl and @willozap.