The Wholesome Show

A podcast

Rod's Playground

Dearest Reader, I have a little treat for you… Are you ready?

You know when you’re looking for something in the many multitude of folders and you’re getting so desperate (because you may or may not have forgotten the search bar existed) that you just start opening any and all folders? You don’t find what you’re looking for but sometimes you’ll find something so much better!!!

Welcome to the two Wholesome Show gurus (namely Will and Rod) ripening their brand. The produce that they have grown may not be have been plucked for final sustenance but it provides a unique insight into their growth progress. Personally, I think that they should be exhibited for all to see and to show how everything – even this organically raw show – has a starting plan to ensure it flourishes. 

Labeled 'Rod's Playground' you already know this is gonna be brill!

NOTE: These next phrases are unedited by myself and are purely the work of... some kind of mind!