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Ethical considerations VS creative license

Hullo Reader - I’m back, this time with something even a little sciencey!

Today I have drafted (a decent portion of) my first Ethics Application (fist pump!). This - little less than organic process - really has to be constantly refined - there’s no rawness allowed here! Every t must be crossed and every i must be dotted. It is little wonder that science is often considered an uncreative discipline! The energy you need to do this does not come in a natural state but instead born from copious amounts of caffeine and possibly a solid amount of chocolate!

Steepness of the learning (and coping) slope aside, it really puts into perspective the doggedness of scientists and the hoops they have to jump through. To be able to distil their organic thinking into a perfectly cultivated set of answers to allow them to actually produce their ideas… it’s a miracle creativity exists at all! However, it is a truly excellent way to hash out the aims and details of your idea. To plan how and when to sow, water and cut your crop. But – like every crop – you’ll never know how the season will pan out and what your finished product will look like. You’ll just have to make the best of what you get. Fingers crossed that this Ethics Application bears all the fruit we need from it!